Dr. Javier Monroy


I am Javier Monroy, assistant professor and researcher associated with the Machine Perception and Intelligent Robotics group (MAPIR), department of Systems Engineering and Automation (ISA), at the University of Málaga (Spain).

E-mail: jgmonory [at] uma.es
Phone: +34 952 13 2747
Office: Lab 2.3.7.i ETSI Informática

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Short Bio

I was born in Coín (Málaga, Spain). I received the B.Sc in “Ingeniería de Telecomunicaciones” (Electrical Engineering) from the University of Málaga in 2007, and in 2009 I joined the MAPIR group as a Ph.D student to investigate the integration between artificial olfaction and mobile robotics. In 2010 I received the M.Sc in Mechatronics, and in November 2013 I defended my thesis “Advances in Gas Sensing and Mapping for Mobile Robotics”. Since November 2021 I work as an assistant professor, teaching a wide variety of lectures related to robotics.


Here you can find a list of my publications with pdf author’s version and BibTeX references:

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