Taroth: New developments toward a Robot at Home

Despite the significant progress in mobile robotics in the last years there are still major technical questions to be solved before having real autonomous robots at home. This project addresses some of them which, being not exclusive for this kind of scenario, acquire particular relevance here because of the importance of interacting with (non-expert) humans, the particularities of the environment, and the “digital“ services that the robot can provide in it.  Concretely, we aim at three targets: 1) improving dependability of the robot motion, 2) integrating and exploiting semantics to improve robot autonomy and interaction with human, and 3) developing a robot software architecture that can manage Ambient Assisted Living services related to entertainment, domotics, social networking, safety, etc.

The research we are proposing here is mostly continuation of work done by the group in the last years, which has produced quite satisfactory results. The applicant research team is a consolidated, active group with a strong background on mobile robotics and remarkable scientific results and developments in this field, including not just prestigious international publications, but also the creation and maintenance of one of the most comprehensive and widely known robotic software library: The MRPT  (The Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit: http://www.mrpt.org/).

Entidad financiadora:Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación. DPI2011-25483

Duración: Enero 2012 – Dic. 2015


Publications in the scope of this project:

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