Dr. Vicente Arévalo Espejo

Associate Professor

PhD. in Computer Sciences – Associate Professor

Dpt. of Systems Engineering and Automation – University of Málaga

E-Mail: varevalo [at] uma.es
Web (this page): https://mapir.isa.uma.es/varevalo
Tlfs. +34 9519 53108
Address: Escuela de Ingenierías Industriales. Arquitecto Francisco Peñalosa, 6. Campus de Teatinos. 29071 Málaga. Spain.

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Short bio

I was born in Cabra, a beautiful small city of the province of Córdoba (Spain). I received the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from the University of Málaga, Spain, in 2001 and 2008, respectively. I joined the Dept. of System Engineering and Automation (University of Malaga) as pre-doctoral researcher in 2003 (granted by the Spanish Government), getting the positions of Assistant Professor in 2009, and Associate Professor in 2011. My research mainly focusses on mobile roboticcomputer vision, machine learning, and remote sensing, being author of more than 40 journal and conference papers.


My profiles at (access restricted for some repositories):

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Some of my developments (contact for more info):

  • turtlebot2-noetic: Port of the original nodes of the turtlebot2 robotic platform (developed for ROS1 Melodic) to ROS1 Noetic. This port “drinks” of some partial works of the community. Most important nodes are fully functional, but there exists some incompatibilities because of some used libraries, unsupported in Ubuntu 20.04 Jammy, or the usage of python2 in some ROS packages. I am currently working in it. Open to collaborations :-).
  • arduino-modbus-codesys: This firmware sets up an Arduino Uno/Mega as RTU Modbus input/output boards. This is especially useful for teaching purposes, as it provides hardware compatible with commercial PLC programming solutions such as CoDeSys at a low cost. This project uses the excellent work of epsilonrt (for everything related to the Modbus protocol) providing a device that is easy to use and allows the student to abstract from low-level work and focus on the design and implementation of automatisms.
  • tests: “tests” (a display of originality, I know :-P) is a webapp to perform self-correcting quizzes on the MATLAB Control Toolbox in a degree level. The app presents a particular feedback system that must be used by the students in a variety of exercises. The params’ set of each student is randomly selected to avoid the “transfer of information” :-D. The student must accomplish, among others, the following tasks: feedback system simplification, computation of the typical parameters of the temporal / frequency response, and design of a P controller according to a custom control requirements. The app is partially integrated with the Moodle-based platform used by the University of Málaga.
  • automatica: “automatica” (other super original name) is a webapp developed in the frame of the innovative education projects entitled “Design and development of freely available video tutorials to reinforce traditional teaching in the ​​Systems Engineering and Automation Area” funded by the University of Malaga. This app acts as a sort of interface between Moodle and my channel in YouTube with the aim of controlling the contents to be shown to the students, presenting quizzes while the videos are played, or collecting suggestions and typos.


(Always) under construction :-S.

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Visit my space at the “Campus Virtual” de la University of Málaga for more information about tutoring (schedules, offices, …), “TFGs” / “TFMs” lines, news, calls for positions, etc. Please, refer to the “Campus Virtual” of the subjects to access to the teaching contents (access restricted).

Current subjects

Educational Innovation Projects

As principal researcher:

As researcher:

  • Mejora del aprendizaje mediante una planta industrial de entrenamiento realista y de bajo coste para la docencia en Industria Inteligente (03/2023 ). No funded.
  • Intensificación de la movilidad e internacionalización en la ETSI Informática (10/2017 – 07/2019). Funded by the University of Málaga.
  • Análisis, despliegue y evaluación de competencias transversales en los grados de ingeniería informática (10/2017 – 07/2019). Funded by the University of Málaga.
  • Innovación en el trabajo en laboratorio de una diversidad de asignaturas de ingeniería mediante el diseño y aplicación de una extensión de la plataforma de hardware abierto Arduino (12/2015 – 09/2017). Funded by the University of Málaga.
  • Orientación y tutorización en la E.T.S.I. Informática (12/2015 – 09/2017) . Funded by the University of Málaga.
computer vision | machine learning | mobile robotics | teaching

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