Design and development of freely available video tutorials to reinforce traditional teaching in the Systems and Automation Engineering Area
Universiy Project

Automatic control and Automation are fundamental in the training of any engineer, hence almost all technical degrees have one or more subjects related to them. However, historically, students have problems to overcome them due to their important theoretical-practical load. This Educational Innovation Project focuses on the design and creation of freely available multimedia material (video tutorials) aimed at reinforcing traditional teaching in subjects of the Systems and Automation Engineering Area in which basic concepts of automatic control and automation are taught.

REFERENCE: PIE17-090, PIE19-074
FUNDED BY: University of Málaga.
PERIOD: (1st phase) 10/2017 – 07/2019, (2nd phase) 10/2019 – 07/2021.
PRINCIPAL RESEARCHER: Vicente Arévalo-Espejo y Jesús María Vicente del Rey.
INSTITUTION: Dpt. of Systems Engineering and Automation, University of Málaga.

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