Dr. Francisco-Angel Moreno-Dueñas

Associate Professor

E-mail: famoreno [at] uma.es | Phone: +34 952132848 | Office: Lab 2.3.6.i ETSI Informática / 1.067D EI Industriales
Associate Professor & Researcher at System Engineering and Automation Dpt. – University of Málaga
HTS of Computer Science Engineering, Lab. 2.3.6i, Teatinos Campus – 29071 Málaga
Profesor Titular de Universidad & Investigador en Dpto. Ingeniería de Sistemas y Automática – Universidad de Málaga
ETSI Informática – Telecomunicaciones, Lab. 2.3.6i, Campus de Teatinos – 29071 Málaga

Short bio

I was born in Linares (Jaén, Spain) in 1981, and received the BSc. degree in Technical Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Jaén in 2002. Then I moved to Málaga and received the MSc. degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Málaga in 2007.

In late 2008, I received a FPU grant from the Spanish administration to perform my PhD in the University of Málaga, associated to the Machine Perception and Intelligent Robotics group of the Department of System Engineering and Automation (ISA).

I received the PhD. degree in 2015 with my work Stereo Visual SLAM for Mobile Robots Navigation under the supervision of Prof. Javier González and Dr. José-Luis Blanco.

Since 2017 I teach different subjects within the ISA deparment, including Perception Systems, Robotic Systems, Industrial Automation and Computer Integrated Manufacturing.

In 2023 I obtained a permanent position as Associate Professor in the University of Malaga.

My research interests include:

  • Computer vision.
    • Stereo vision.
    • Visual odometry and SLAM.
    • Global descriptors.
  • Mobile robotics.
    • Localization and mapping.
    • Telepresence robotics.
    • Human-machine interaction.


I teach these subjects at the University of Málaga (in Spanish)

  1. Sistemas Robotizados (GITI)
  2. Automatización Industrial (GIEI & GIERM)
  3. Sistemas Integrados de Fabricación (MII)
  4. Sistemas de Percepción (MIM)

PhD Students

Short resume

During my research years I have been enrolled in a number of research projects:

I have also performed two short research stays:

  • Jan’13 – Mar’13 » Research stay in Lincoln (UK) (3 months) working on GPS and laser-sensing fusion for improved control of agricultural spraying booms, under the supervision of Dr. Tom Duckett and Dr. Grzegorz Cielniak.
  • Sep’10 – Dec’10 » Research stay in Bristol (UK) (3 months) studying keypoint descriptors for camera localization, under the supervision of Dr. Walterio Mayol-Cuevas and Dr. Andrew Calway.

Software development

  • Programming languages: C, C++, HTML, PHP, Matlab, Python, Java.
  • Programming IDEs: Visual Studio (Windows), Code::Blocks (Linux), Android Studio, Jupyter notebooks.
  • Software libraries: MRPT (developer), OpenCV, Eigen, PCL, Android SDK.
  • Robotic frameworks: OpenMora (developer), ROS, Stäubli Robotics Studio, Beckhoff TwinCAT
  • CAD & CAM: FreeCADOpenSCADCamBamCAMotics


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