Human-Robot Interaction

Robots are increasingly present in modern human societies. This rises a number of specific issues related to the interaction between machines and persons. We have worked in several lines on this topic.

  • Hardware Interaction. We have constructed specific robotic platforms that necessarily interact with humans, such as our SENA robotic wheelchair and our service robots SANCHO and RHODON. We have thus designed interfaces for such interactions.
  • Software Interaction. We have implemented diverse software that enable basic human-robot communication, such as voice or visual interfaces.
  • Cognitive Interaction. We have provided our service and assistant robots with a control architecture called ACHRIN that enables the integration of the human as one more component of the robot system, in such a way that the human and the robot collaborate to achieve the overall goals. This integration is strongly based on a common cognitive model of the world based on multiple abstraction.

A video of the integration of the human as a component of the control architecture ACHRIN:

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