Stay of Andrés Galeote Luque at MRO, University of Örebro (March – June 2023)

Andrés Galeote Luque has visited Sweden in the Mobile Robotics & Olfaction (MRO), AASS, Örebro University. During the stay, Andrés continued his work in range sensor odometry, in particular applied to 3D Doppler-capable radar. He really enjoyed the experience of working in the MRO lab, surrounded by awesome people. But not everything was fighting with the code. Andrés got a chance to drive a Husky robotic base, and although the goal was to collect sensor data it was an enjoyable adventure. When Andrés couldn’t be found in the lab, he most probably was almost lost, whether it was in a beautiful forest, biking around the lake, or just visiting the city.

Driving the Husky around
Snowy forest for a morning walk
One of the many, many times he visited the lake
Örebro city center, castle included

10/10, would recommend everybody visits Örebro.

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