In engineering subjects, the utilization of practical sessions for problem solving and development of code/applications is a commonly used pedagogical resource to consolidate the concepts provided in theorethical lessons. However, in subjects that require the handling of abstract thechnical concepts from different fields, the design of problems to be solved that supports these concepts is very complex. This results in practical sessions that do not cover all the relevant concepts, that only do it superficially, or that are discnnected, which forces the student to make an additional effort to acquire a holistic knowledge about the subject.

Figure 1. Example of interactive document developed with Jupyter Notebook

This Innovative Education Project pursuits the design and development of interactive documents, based on the Jupyter Notebook technology, aiming to empower the learning in robotics-related subjects in the University of Málaga. These subjects integrate concepts from algebra, probability, statistics, calculus, discrete mathematics, or programming. Interactive documents, also called living documents or computational stories, allow lecturers to combine in the same place text fields, images, equations, videos, links to additional material, and executable code, hence generating comprehensive and contextualized material that also includes the interactivity and possibilities of an application. With these developments we pursuit an improvement in the quality of the resources offered to our students, as well as in their learning and training possibilities.

FUNDED BY: University of Málaga
PERIOD: Sep 2019 – Aug 2021
INSTITUTION: Unversity of Málaga


Publications in the scope of this project: