Andres Gongora

PhD. Student


Short Bio

I was born in Schaffhausen (Switzerland) in 1990 and moved to Spain in 1998. My pashion for electronics pushed me to study at the University of Malaga, where I received a B.Sc in Industrial Engineering specialized in Electronics in 2012 and a B.Sc in Electronic Engineering in 2014.

I joined the MAPIR research group in 2014, where I started working with Autonomous Drones, and lately,  Chemical Sensor Arrays (aka. eNoses) and Laser Range-finder odometry among other projects.


Research and personal interests

  • Computer vision.
    • Laser odometry
  • Mobile robotics.
    • Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    • Human-machine interaction.
  • Hardware design
    • Electronic PCB design and manufacture
  • Software
    • Development of microcontroller applications
    • System and server maintenance


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Contact info

Andres Gongora
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+34 952133361

PhD. Student at System Engineering and Automation Dpt.

University of Málaga

Boulevard Louis Pasteur, 35, Lab 2.3.6
HTS of Computer Science Engineering
29071 Malaga (Malaga) - SPAIN

Doctorando en Dpto. Ingeniería de Sistemas y Automática.

Universidad de Málaga

Boulevard Louis Pasteur, 35, Lab 2.3.6
ETSI Informática-Telecomunicaciones
29071 Málaga (Málaga) - ESPAÑA

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Curriculum Vitae



  • 2014 - Today Machine Perception and Intelligent Robotics (MAPIR) research group  at the University of Malaga (Engineering and Automation Department). Tasks: Development of an autonomous aerial vehicle capable of on-board computation, and, development of a modular and self-arbitrated sensor network for research on electro-chemical sensors and odor detection.


  • 2009 - 2012 B.Sc in Industrial Engineering specialized in Electronics (Ingeniero Técnico Industrial esp. Electrónica Industria) at the University of Malaga
  • 2012 - 2014 B.Sc in Electronic Engineering (Ingeniero Industrial en Electrónica) at the University of Malaga.
  • 2014 - Today Master in Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Malaga

 Stays and other activities:








Software development


Programming languages
 C, C++, Matlab.

Programming IDEs
  Visual Studio (Windows) and Code::Blocks (Linux).

Software libraries
  MRPT (developer), OpenCV, Eigen, PCL.

Robotic frameworks
  OpenMora (developer).

Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit provides developers with portable and well-tested applications and libraries covering data structures and algorithms employed in common robotics research areas. It is open source, released under the BSD license.
Open Mobile Robot Arquitecture (OpenMORA), is a MOOS and MRPT-based lightweight distributed architecture.







Projects and research


Drone 1. Enhancement of a commercial multicopter for autonomous navigation. We used an UDOO-quad as on-board computer (4 core 1GHz cortex A9), and an RGB-D camera to track and follow a color beacon. Read more...

 Code: Drone-1 source code


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Honors and awards

  • Award: "Premio al mejor expediente de Ingeniería Técnica Industrial Especialidad en Electrónica Industrial de la promoción 2009-2012"