In this section we list diverse media publications related to the project.


1. Press


2. Video


 3. Pics


P08-TIC-04282 team

The complete P08-TIC-04282 team at our lab (2014)


Paper at MED'2015

Ángel Martínez-Tenor presenting a paper at MED 2015 conference (June 2015)

 Poster at IEEE Sensors 2014

 Ángel Martínez-Tenor presenting a poster in the IEEE Sensors 2014 conference (November 2014)

Room at IEEE Sensors 2012 conference for the Ana Gago-Benítez presentation

The room of the IEEE Sensors 2012 conference where Ana Gago-Benítez presented a paper (October 2012)

Ana Gago in IWAP'12

Just before Ana Gago-Benítez speech at IWAP'12 (June 2012)

 Ana Gago in IWAP'10

 Ana Gago-Benítez presentation of a paper in the IWAP conference (July 2010)

Remote Optimal, Adaptive Control of Mobile Robots with Non-Deterministic Components