Robot@Home dataset

The Robot-at-Home dataset (Robot@Home, paper here) is a collection of raw and processed data from five domestic settings compiled by a mobile robot equipped with 4 RGB-D cameras and a 2D laser scanner. Its main purpose is to serve as a testbed for semantic mapping algorithms through the categorization of objects and/or rooms.

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The UMA-Offices dataset was collected in our facilities at the University of Málaga. It consist of 25 scenarios captured through an RGB-D sensor mounted on a robot.

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UMA Visual-Inertial Dataset


The UMA Visual Inertial Dataset is a collection of 32 sequences obtained in challenging conditions (changing light, low-terxtured scenes) with a handheld custom rig composed by a stereo camera, a stereo rig and a Inertial Measurement Unit.



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Labeling datasets with OLT

The Object Labeling Toolkit (OLT) consists of a number of software applications for performing an effortless labeling of datasets, concretely those containing sequences of RGB-D observations.

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The BABEL Development System

 We have used our BABEL Development System to design and implement all the software of our robotic applications. You can visit the BABEL site by clicking in the image below.

The MRPT Project

 We have developed a software library called MRPT (Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit) that provides a number of wrappers for the most common robotic needs in our projects: localization, mapping, perception, etc. You can visit the MRPT web site by clicking on the image below.