Giraff+: Combining social interaction and long term monitoring for promoting independent living (Jan'12-Dec'14)

The Giraff+ project aims at developing a system consisting of a network of home sensors that can be automatically configured to collect data for a range of monitoring services; a semi-autonomous telepresence robot; a sophisticated context recognition system that can give high-level and long term interpretations of the collected data and respond to certain events; and personalized services delivered through adaptive user interfaces for primary users.


The system will perform a range of services including data collection and analysis of long term trends in behaviours and physiological parameters (e,g, relating to sleep or daily activity); warnings, alarms and reminders; and social interaction through the telepresence robot. The latter is based on the Giraff telepresence robot, which is already in place in a number of homes. The social services of the Giraff robot have the advantage of making the system potentially more attractive to users in an initial phase. The system can then be adapted to additional users needs. Particular emphasis is put on user evaluation outside the laboratories. A distinctive aspect of the project is that the Giraff+ system will be installed and evaluated in at least 15 homes of elderly people distributed in three European countries (Sweden, Italy and Spain). These evaluations will drive the development of the Giraff+ system. The concept of “useworthiness” will be central in order to assure that the Giraff+ system provides services that are easy and worth using. In addition, by using existing and affordable components (besides the Giraff robot also sensors from two participating companies: Tunstall and IntelliCare) we strive to achieve a system that is affordable and close to commercialization.

The Giraff robot and a set of networked sensors are used to monitor the activity of the elderly and transmit the information to different users, e.g. family, friends, caregiver, etc.


Project data:

Small or medium-scale focused research project (STREP)  ICT Call 7 FP7-ICT-2011-7 
Combing social interaction and long term monitoring for promoting independent living Giraff+ 
Work programme topic addressed: ICT-2011.5.4 b) Smart and self-adaptive environments prolonging independent living
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